General information

"Izvestiya Tula State University" (Izvestiya TulGU) are multifaceted peer-reviewed periodicals, registered as media, as well as at the ISSN International Center in Paris, are distributed to the territory of Russia by subscription LLC "Agency" Book-Service " and are located in the following Russian electronic databases:

The rules of the direction and the publication of scientific articles

The manuscript of the article introduced for the publication should be the concluded research activity and to contain new scientific outcomes. Articles of survey, biographic, advertising nature, the review of scientific monographies are written, as a rule, by request of an editorial board of an appropriate subject series of issuing.

The total amount of the manuscript of the article should not exceed 16 pages, including abstracts and keywords in Russian and English tongues, drawings, tables, the agenda of the literature and the cramp on authors in Russian and English tongues. Number of drawings - no more than 5, tables - no more than 3.

The article manuscript without pay introduce in two kinds: paper, printed in one copy on one side of a page of a transfer paper of format A4, and in electron - on the electron carrier.

The article manuscript in electronic form except a file of the article should switch on source files of the case histories executed in one of formats: for vector drawings - EPS with the implanted type letterings, for raster drawings - TIFF, JPEG with resolution it is not less 300 dpi (for photographs it is recommended not less than 400 dpi). Each case history should be recorded in a separate file.

The article manuscript in a paper kind should be signed all authors that means their consent to drive to Publishing house TulGu, in case of article adoption to the publication in an appropriate subject series of periodic printed publicity material "Izvestija TulGU", the following non-exclusive rights:

a) on article duplicating by any printing mode by its actuation in the alternate extension of an appropriate subject series;

b) on article distribution in terrain of the Russian Federation, subject to the conditions subscriptions on an appropriate subject series (see item 1 "GENERAL INFORMATION");

c) on disposition of the full-text version of the article in a network the Internet, by actuation in various electron baselines and intelligence systems (see item 1 "GENERAL INFORMATION");

d) on duplicating, distribution and disposition in a network the Internet in the capacity of essential units of the article of following personal data:

  • - surnames, a name, patronymics (at retention);
  • - a scientific degree and-or an academic status;
  • - posts;
  • - e-mail addresses;
  • - places of work (country, a city, the architecture title).

Authors of articles allocated in a series "Engineering science", are bound to introduce certificates of appraisal about a capability of their open publication (first copies in a paper kind). For articles allocated in other subject series, certificates of appraisal are introduced under inquiries of editorial boards.

The stuffs of the article indicated in items 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, are sent by mail to Publishing house TulGu in name of the responsible secretary of a subject series (see by reference) or passed directly in an editorial board of an appropriate subject series under the preliminary arrangement.

The article manuscript can be in electronic form sent on an e-mail address of the responsible secretary corresponding subject to a series (see by reference) under the preliminary arrangement.

All submitted manuscripts of articles undergo reviewing and testing for plagiarism by means of the "Antiplagiat" system (official site Antiplagiat). Decision on publication of article is accepted by an editorial board of a thematic series on the basis of the review and results of check by the "Antiplagiat" system.

The manuscripts of articles accomplished with gross violations of approved regulations, are not considered by editorial boards. In this case to the author it is routed motivated failure, and all introduced stuffs of the article do not return.

Terms reviewing scientific articles

1. The organization and procedure of payment review

1.1. Reviewing manuscripts of articles submitted for publication in the thematic series of the periodic publication "Izvestiya of TSU," organized by the editorial board of the respective series for the purpose of peer review.

1.2. Responsibility for the quality of reviews and review the timeliness of the manuscript rests with the managing editor of a thematic series.

1.3. All reviewers must be recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have for the past three years, publications on peer-reviewed articles. The reviewer can not be the author or co-author of the book under review.

1.4. Reviewing manuscripts of articles is mandatory for teachers of Tula State University and taken into account in their individual plans. Payment of reviewers who are not members of the University shall be in accordance with current regulations.

1.5. Editorial board thematic series presented to the authors of articles up reviews or motivated refusal.

1.6. Reviews of the manuscript papers are stored on the editorial board for five years from the date of publication of the articles. Copies of the articles are sent to the Russian Ministry of Education for admission to the editorial board of a thematic series prompted.

2. Requirements for the content review

2.1. The review should include an analysis of the material qualified article, objective assessment of his reasoned and reasonable recommendations.

2.2. In his review, special attention should be paid to lighting the following issues:

- a general analysis of the scientific level, terminology, structure of articles, the relevance of the topic;

- assessment of fitness articles for publication in respect of language and style, satisfy the requirements for the materials section;

- scientific exposition used by the author matching methods, techniques, advice and research achievements of modern science and practice;

- the allowable amount of the article as a whole and its individual elements (text, tables, illustrations, bibliographic references); the feasibility of space in the article tables, illustrations, and their compliance with the stated theme; recommendations for reducing the amount of sound (indicate by a member of the article);

- place the book under review among others, have published on this topic: What's new in it, or how it differs from them, if not duplicate the work of other authors or previously printed works of the author (in whole or in part);

- the author admitted inaccuracies and errors.

2.3. The reviewer should make recommendations to the author and publisher to improve the manuscript. Comments and suggestions should be objective and principled, aimed at improving the scientific and methodological levels of the manuscript.

2.4. The final part of the review should be kept informed of the conclusions of the article as a whole and a clear recommendation of the expediency of its publication in the thematic series of scientific publication "Izvestiya of the Tula State University" on a particular branch of science, and / or a group of scientific specialties, the relevant range of specialties of scientific workers adopted by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

2.5. In the case of a negative evaluation of the whole manuscript reviewer must justify their conclusions especially convincing.